Biomedical Pharma® is a company committed to health safety and Green Productivity

Bio­me­di­cal Phar­ma® was born as a busi­ness branch of Power Metal Ita­lia Srl, a lea­ding com­pa­ny in the Aero­spa­ce and Ener­gy Auto­mo­ti­ve sec­tors. We have always been com­mit­ted to Green Pro­duc­ti­vi­ty: we pay atten­tion to mini­mi­zing the envi­ron­men­tal impact and to the foot­print of effi­cien­cy, fol­lo­wing the para­digm of the three P’s: Pla­net, Peo­ple and Passion.

We want to pro­vi­de you with lasting secu­ri­ty, the easy way. Making sani­ta­tion acces­si­ble to all and, abo­ve all, user-friend­ly. How? With Pho­toAC­TI­VE® technology!
Our Pho­toAC­TI­VE® pro­duct pro­vi­des our custo­mers with an easy and safe method to sani­ti­ze envi­ron­men­ts. Throu­gh a pho­to­che­mi­cal reac­tion of tita­nium dio­xi­de, Pho­toAC­TI­VE® does not kill viru­ses, like nor­mal PMCs, but dena­tu­res them in gaseous sub­stan­ces, obtai­ning CO2 and water vapors.
This type of nano­tech­no­lo­gy allo­ws us to obtain sani­ti­zed sur­fa­ces for at lea­st 12 months.


In 2020, the novel coro­na­vi­rus ter­ri­fied the world and chan­ged our lifes


Bio­me­di­cal Phar­ma® star­ted its R&D for a con­cre­te solu­tion to impro­ve peo­ple’s health and well-being


Thus was born Pho­toAC­TI­VE®, an acti­ve respon­se to the infec­tions of Covid-19 and beyond: a sim­ple solu­tion for eve­ryo­ne’s safety.


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What is PhotoACTIVE®

Accor­ding to the dif­fe­rent appli­ca­tions, it is divi­ded into Pho­toAC­TI­VE® AG and Pho­toAC­TI­VE® TEX.

Its main fea­tu­re is to be able to per­ma­nen­tly remo­ve harm­ful microorganisms.

Thanks to their nano­tech­no­lo­gy, viru­ses such as SARS-CoV‑2 and H1N1 are destroyed in less than 15 ‘, lea­ving the trea­ted sur­fa­ce per­ma­nen­tly sanitized.


The added value of the pho­to­ca­ta­ly­tic tita­nium dio­xi­de com­pa­red to a nor­mal PMC is its dura­bi­li­ty gua­ran­teed for at lea­st one year.
Thanks also to its amor­phous col­loi­dal struc­tu­re, it clings to sur­fa­ces and is very dif­fi­cult to remove.

Tested and certified against SARS-CoV‑2 and H1N1

Thanks to the sup­port and con­tri­bu­tion of resear­chers and pro­fes­sors from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Sie­na, Bio­me­di­cal Phar­ma® was able to test and cer­ti­fy the extraor­di­na­ry viru­ci­dal power of Pho­toAC­TI­VE® again­st the novel coro­na­vi­rus SARS-CoV‑2 and H1N1.


Bio­me­di­cal Phar­ma® star­ted its research to find a solu­tion to impro­ve hygie­ne insi­de vehicles

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