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How does it work

ANTIVIRAL: the virucidal efficacy of PhotoACTIVE® products has been tested, verified and certified by: Dr. Cusi, Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology of the Department of Medicine and Biotechnology of the University of Siena Vismederi Life Science Laboratory in accordance with ISO 18184:2019 "Textiles - Determination of antiviral activity of textile products".

ANTIBACTERIAL by attacking the lipid membrane of bacteria, it destroys them, reducing the bacterial load on the surfaces. Tested and certified in accordance with ISO 20743: 2013 "Textiles - Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products", by the Chimiambiente laboratory.

RESISTANT TO ABRASION: The results of this Test on furnishing fabrics, one 100% cotton and one 100% Polyester, showed that, thanks to the coat created by the PhotoACTIVE® treatment, the fabric gains resistance, extending its durability.

EFFECTIVE VIRUCIDAL AFTER ABRASION TEST: The ability of the PhotoACTIVE® treatment to "bind" to the fibers of the fabrics has been demonstrated thanks to a test in accordance with ISO 18184: 2019 carried out after the Martindale test and successfully passed. We sent both samples, abraded and not, and the treatment was active even after the maximum number of abrasions, defined by ISO 12947-1: 200 and ISO 12947-2: 2017.

SELF-CLEANING: Thanks to the Titanium Dioxide, present in the composition of PhotoACTIVE®, the treated surfaces acquire self-cleaning capabilities.

PERMANENT: By treating the textile materials, the nanoparticles present are anchored to them, carrying out the sanitizing action incessantly for over 1 year. It easily and continuously decomposes bacteria and viruses into gaseous substances which are then dispersed into the surrounding environment.

Thanks to the R&D department of Biomedical Pharma, the antiviral and antibacterial photocatalytic process is now also possible on textile materials.
We are pleased to present the innovative range of treatments to the world of textiles:



Research and Innovation

These treatments represent the new frontier of finishing on all types of textiles which, thanks to exposure to light, activate the unique and innovative photocatalytic process of sanitizing fabrics.
Thanks to the application of PhotoACTIVE® the results will be permanent and the sanitizing action will remain constant.

The treatment can be applied to all the following materials:

  • Synthetic, artificial, vegetable, natural fibers;
  • Natural, artificial and synthetic composition yarns;
  • Natural, artificial, synthetic mixed composition yarns;
  • Non-woven fabric (Felt);
  • Knitwear fabrics and shuttle fabrics;
  • Knitted fabrics (Knitwear);
  • Warp-knit and Mesh fabrics;
  • Membranes and Films.


Furnishing fabrics
Law enforcement fabrics
Clothing and Accessories
ISO 18184:2019
Textiles - Determination of the antiviral activity of textile products
UNI EN ISO 20743:2013
Textiles - Determination of the antibacterial activity of textile products
UNI EN ISO 15797:2018
Textiles - Industrial washing and finishing processes for the evaluation of work clothes
Virucidal Activity Report
Microbiology and Virology Laboratory of the Biotechnology Department of the University of Siena
ISO 6330:2012
Textiles - Domestic washing and drying processes for textile tests
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DISCLAIMER: *** Active health claims on items treated as antivirals are not permitted in the United States and require pesticide device registration. Antiviral claims are allowed in Germany on most treated articles and can be assessed on a case-by-case basis in other EU territories. Please contact Biomedical Pharma for approval of all complaints regarding treated items prior to marketing. *** This web page reflects the regulatory situation in Europe. Integrated antimicrobial properties to protect the product. The product does not protect users or others from pathogens. Always clean the product thoroughly after each use.